OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum.
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          Open Author helps you build and publish Open Educational Resources for you and for the benefit of educators and learners everywhere.


          Groups provides a flexible environment to organize, create, share, and discuss resources with others in your network. Collaborate with group members, tag and add resources to shared folders, create your own collections, all within a public or private group.



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          Building STEM Literacy and Bright Futures
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          A Custom Resource Center Projects, districts, states, and initiatives make use of Hubs to bring groups of educators together to create, organize, and share OER collections that meet their common goals. Explore Hubs


          Custom Digital Libraries Microsites are custom, flexible sites that include all the features available on OER Commons. Microsites allow your users to search resource collections using a custom taxonomy at a unique URL. Explore Microsites

          Dedicated to Professional Learning

          Our award-winning OER Professional Learning programs support instructors and curriculum specialists to gain the necessary skills required to find, adapt, and evaluate high quality open materials.

          In-person and virtual OER workshops help focus instructors to develop a "commons" mindset, to experience the benefits of open processes using the platform's tools, collaborative features, and workflows. This can include using Open Author for creating, remixing, and publishing shared curriculum.

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